Home-based Reminder System to Enable Self-Directed Dementia Care and Remote Behaviour Monitoring

Observational Study

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What is the study about?

This study aims to develop a home-based memory aid reminder system, using “electronic post-it notes” to enable self-directed dementia care and remote behaviour monitoring. Reminders are sent to electronic post-it notes via a mobile application on a phone or tablet, by either a caregiver or a person with dementia.


The reminder system is expected to facilitate caregiver-patient interactions and to help older adults living with dementia to perform their daily activities independently or with minimal assistance from their caregivers. Participants will be asked questions regarding their experience with existing memory aids and what features and functionalities could be useful in a reminder system. Follow-up sessions will operate on an as-needed basis for the study team to receive feedback during the prototype development.


Eligibility- Who can participate?

Pairs of people with dementia and their caregivers, with the following eligibility requirements:

People with Dementia

  • Adults with any type of mild to moderate dementia, including those with a diagnosis of MCI due to dementia
  • Have received a dementia diagnosis in the last 2 years
  • Able to speak and understand English fluently
  • Able to understand and follow given instructions / prompts
  • Able to provide consent


  • Family or friends of the person you provide care for (i.e. individuals that do not directly receive compensation for care services.)
  • Able to speak and understand English fluently
  • Provides full-time care, or for at least 30 hours a week
  • Able to provide consent


Time requirement

One initial interview session will be 1 hour, and 1 to 3 semi-structured follow-up sessions are expected to be 20 minutes each.


TDRA study investigator

Dr. Alex Mihailidis

TDRA Site:

University of Toronto

Age Group:

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Target Population:

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