Dementia Care-Therapeutic Recreation

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Certified by Dementiability
The Montessori Method provides major benefits for those living with neurological conditions. Along with promoting cognitive stimulation through the use of creativity, this method can also provide a new sense of purpose in individuals.

Using Montessori as a tool with a professional recreation specialist will provide your loved one with meaningful activities and a sensory exploration addressing all five senses.


Benefits include:

Cognitive stimulation
Increases motor skills
Sense of purpose
Hand-eye coordination
Reduces anxiety and depression
Increases self esteem
Eliminates boredom
Caregiver Respite

Population Served:

Seniors/Older adults: Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville

Service Category:

dementia specific
Dementia specific – daytime
Early Onset Services (under 65)
Friendly Visiting
In Home and Community Services
Memory clinic
Respite Care at Home
Therapeutic Recreation services for persons with dementia


$65-$75 per clinic


Let’s begin this sensory exploration and bring meaning back to your loved ones life!

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