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A service that arranges for a person, trained in basic or advanced foot care, to care for the feet of an individual who is unable to do so himself/herself. Service may include trimming toenails, monitoring the condition of feet, bathing and massaging feet. May include the service of a chiropodist or podiatrist. Fees may apply.

Population Served:

Seniors or persons with a disability (acute or chronic).

Catchment Area:

Metropolitan Toronto

Service Category:

Footcare Specialists


$30.00 per visit.

Service Limitation:

This service is provided by an experienced foot care nurse at SPRINT.
Services provided includes non-invasive treatment of corns and callouses, cutting toenails and advice on preventing future foot problems.
Transportation to the clinic can be arranged by calling SPRINT one week in advance.
For complete details or to book an appointment, call 416-481-6411

140 Merton Street
Toronto M4S 1A1
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