Footcare Specialists


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A service that arranges for a person, trained in basic or advanced foot care, to care for the feet of an individual who is unable to do so himself/herself. Service may include trimming toenails, monitoring the condition of feet, bathing and massaging feet. May include the service of a chiropodist or podiatrist. Fees may apply.

Population Served:

Individuals with dementia, caregivers. Open to public.

Catchment Area:

Open catchment area.

Service Category:

Footcare Specialists

Predominant Culture:

Jewish, Principles of Judiasm guide daily operations while service is provided to clients of all backgrounds.


Chiropody $30/visit . Foot & Wound Clinic covered by OHIP

Service Limitation:

Two full-time chiropodists on site provide treatment for nails, calluses and diabetic/pressure ulcers. Customer made Rx orthotics available for patients and family members at an extra cost. Clients will be referred for further investigation as necessary i.e. foot/wound and skin integrity clinics.
A Foot and Wound Clinic is also available twice monthly for investigation, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of pressure/diabetic ulcers, gangrene, leg/foot pain and other conditions that may require surgical intervention. Clients will be referred for further investigation as necessary to vascular surgery, Orthopaedics Clinic, Orthotics Clinic or Home Care.

Required: Complete signed medical referral required for Foot & Wound Clinic

3560 Bathurst Street
Toronto M6A 2C7
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