Memory Clinic

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

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Fax: 905-430-4032

Memory clinics generally offer diagnosis, care and support to clients who are experiencing memory disorders, abnormal behaviours or some kind of dementia. Services vary from organization to organization.

Population Served:

Individuals with memory disorders.
Clients who benefit most are those with new onset cognitive impairment whereby: the diagnosis is unclear; presentations are unusual; or cognitive difficulties may be related to psychiatric disorder, complex medical problems or drug interactions.

Catchment Area:

Scarborough, East York, North York (east of Yonge St), York and Durham Regions, and the City of Kawartha Lakes

Service Category:

Memory clinic


Covered by OHIP.

Service Limitation:

Referrals are accepted from family physicians or specialists by sending a referral letter. Referrals can be made by faxing a referral to ICAP at 905-430-4000.

The Memory Clinic, in partnership with the University Health Network, is a multispeciality assessment service dedicated to the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia. The Memory Clinic provides: comprehensive multispecialty assessment of dementia, diagnosis information for the patients and their caregivers, early psychosocial intervention and links to appropriate community support services.

700 Gordon Baker Road
Toronto M2H 3B4
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