Telephone Reassurance / Telephone Security Checks

Help Call: Personal Emergency Response Services

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Programs that contact elderly individuals or people who have disabilities by telephone on a regular basis to ensure their good health and safety, and to reassure them that help is available if and when they need it.

Population Served:

Seniors, individuals with dementia, disabled people, individuals with a medical condition or living in an abusive environment.

Catchment Area:

Open catchment area

Service Category:

Telephone Reassurance / Telephone Security Checks


Check-In” is a separate service and is not reliant on purchasing 24 hour monitoring.
Call for full details of services and prices.

Service Limitation:

“Check-In” is a service where you receive a daily telephone call from us to ensure everything is fine. Our Check-In Service calls are placed at pre set times, according to your wishes, therefore giving you and your loved ones added piece of mind. If you cannot be contacted on the first call, we will call one hour later. If we cannot make contact the second time, an emergency contact will be called to notify them of the situation.

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