Psychogeriatric Assessment

St. Michael's Hospital

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Experts in aged care psychiatry who assess and treat individuals over 65 with mental health problems, including depression and dementia.

Population Served:

Older persons (aged 60 and above) with significant mood, psychotic or anxiety symptoms. Referrals are by internal arrangement only

Catchment Area:

Open catchment area

Service Category:

Psychogeriatric Assessment


Covered by OHIP unless client is not an Ontario resident
Psychogeriatric Consultant to Long-Term Care Facilities covered by RGP

Service Limitation:

Psychogeriatric assessment is available on an outpatient basis and to residents of specific long term care facilities affiliated with St. Michael’s Hospital Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Program. Comprehensive assessment, treatment and follow-up is available as necessary.
Services can be provided in different languages with the assistance of St. Michael’s Hospital Interpretation services. Clients need to notify office ahead of appointment if assistance is required.

30 Bond Street
Toronto M5B 1W8
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