Cognitive Stimulation Therapy


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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is a branch of the services offered by the Geriatric Day Hospital. The program is for people over the age of 65 who have a diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia. This 14-week, group program is designed to improve memory, problem solving skills, and language ability and is run by a registered occupational therapist. Evidence suggests that CST can benefit people with mild to moderate dementia irrespective of drug therapy. Sessions are based on eight fundamental principles which include mental stimulation, promoting new ideas, thoughts and associations, a focus on opinions rather than facts, maximizing the potential of people with dementia, respect and person-centeredness.

Population Served:

mild dementia

Service Category:

Occupational Therapy



Service Limitation:

Inability to participate in a group program as a result of:
– significant hearing impairment
– significant visual impairment
– significant physical impairment

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