If you would like to add a new dementia related service that you currently offer, you can add a new service from your User Dashboard or the Service Providers drop-down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: To view your User Dashboard, you must have a registered account and be logged in.

Enter (or update) your organizations primary contact information. You will only be required to enter this information once, for any additional services you add these fields will pre-populate.

PLEASE NOTE: required fields are all those NOT labelled as optional

Scroll down and enter the information for the dementia related service you offer into the corresponding fields.

Some fields will allow you to select multiple options. Click the white space within the field to add another option.

Once you have entered all of your service information, select the Preview button to see a preview of your service listing.

A sample preview of your service listing will be displayed. Select Edit listing to continue making changes or when you are finished select Submit listing.

Your service listing has now been submitted for approval by Alzheimer Society of Toronto staff. It will appear in your User Dashboard with a status of Pending approval.